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​hair & make   &  cafe

A place to relax your important "off time"

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offji​ menu

​hair  & make
Offji is here to help you on sunny days.
Shrine visit
Seven herbs
Adult ceremony
Graduation ceremony
Also, TV commercial
Backstage at Paris Collection
We will propose the hair and makeup that suits our customers by making the most of our experience.
​hair salon


as its name suggests

OFF time

To have you relax

The head spa menu has been enhanced.


Those who have problems with the scalp

Recently because of too many computers

Those with tired eyes

Those who want to relax


Do counseling

With your own menu

Perform surgery.


Also, because it is a private room salon

Like a private salon

Luxury space

Customers are pleased.






About offji

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for choosing from many beauty salons and cafes.


Offji is a beauty salon and cafe that was built by renovating a 30- year-old old house on the slope of Karato Minato .


The beauty salon is a beautician who loves bridal hair and make-up and head spa in Kagoshima.


Kagoshima Prefecture's domestic food cafe. Seasonal vegetable open sandwich lunch and seasonal fruit sandwich. You can also enjoy special coffee.


It ’s a place with a great view,

I hope you will spend a little rest off.


I hope this encounter will be a wonderful encounter for everyone.


OFFJI offji オフジ カフェ



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